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Saturday, July 23, 2005


Tonight I saw something I'd never seen before: the moon rising up out of the ocean. It's weird being on the east coast where the sun rises out of the ocean and sets behind the buildings facing the beach, when you're used to seeing it the opposite way, with the sun setting in the ocean. Seeing the moon rising up out of the ocean, glowing an eerie shade of orange, for the first time, is one of those things you know you're going to remember. The mood was also helped by a thunderstorm to the right with frequent lightning jumping from cloud to cloud and occasionally striking down to the ocean, and by the fact that I was sitting there with Mirella, enjoying a nice romantic moment on a practically deserted beach.

The $30 parking ticket when we got back to the truck kind of brought things back to reality though ;)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Abandoned Blog

Obviously I haven't been updating this blog recently. I sucks. I should start updating more regularly, although I'm sure most everyone that used to stop by here to read doesn't anymore. I apologize to all my loyal readers :(

I'll try to start blogging more often since I'm not around you all anymore.